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Pause 4
Satu Montanari
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Upholstery coverings-Fabrics

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Pause 4 is a colour update of the versatile cotton upholstery textile Pause, which is designed by acclaimed Finnish designer Satu Montanari. The fabric’s refreshed colour scale combines 16 strong new tones with 27 original hues to create a comprehensive palette, which can be described as a ‘colour explosion’.

Refined yet relaxed, Pause 4 is constructed using a rep weave and has a precise structure. The cotton used for Pause is mercerised, which means that it is stronger and features a more pronounced sheen than traditional cotton. As a result, it has an elegant matt yet slightly shiny look. In addition,

Pause is also treated with a dirt repellent treatment for easier maintenance. The palette for Pause 4 particularly stands out for its exceptional range. It covers the entire spectrum and includes colours with very different characters, such as bold highlight tones, neutral shades, subtle nuances and natural notes.

In designing the palette for Pause 4, Satu Montanari focused on the power of colour to shape mood and the relationship between colours and words. Initially, she crafted tones which, on their own or combined with each other, arouse feelings or evoke memories. After that, intriguingly, she matched every hue with words charged with energy taken from a youth magazine, such as ‘rhythm’ or ‘hot’. Satu Montanari: ‘Some colours really are able to change one’s mood. Others are associated with memories and create very specific feelings. Likewise, some words capture the feelings you get when looking at a specific tone. In doing so, they spark a mental process which leads to a deeper engagement with the shade in question.’

Particularly suitable for soft seating in private homes, Pause 4 offers a wide range of applications. It can be used for furniture, bolsters and cushions in domestic residences, and for everything from furnishings to room partitions in public spaces, depending on the relevant fire resistance regulations. It has even been utilised by the fashion industry for clothing and accessories.

Textile designer Satu Montanari is a graduate of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. In her work, she innovates what has become known as the ‘Scandinavian style’. In doing so, she expresses memorised impressions of colours and shapes from landscapes. Her designs also reflect influences from Finnish weaving traditions and Italy, where she has lived for a number of years.

Satu Montanari is a guest lecturer at the Universities of Helsinki and Turku, and she has also taught at the Helsinki School of Industrial Design. Her work has been exhibited in a number of countries, among others France and Japan.