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Onyx 5 103
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Onyx 5 103


Onyx is an elegant series of richly detailed, transparent curtain textile inspired by stones and minerals, designed by Anne Fabricius Møller and Bodil Jerichau. The different expressions of Onyx feature some unique combinations of fine threads in various colourshades and thicknesses. These reveal subtle nuances, patterns, layers and fine details as your viewpoint or the light changes.
Available in 12 versions, each expression of Onyx has been carefully designed to match the colour-play, pattern and texture of a specific stone or mineral: some feature relief to enhance the depth and play in the fabric. Others offer very intricate and fine structures, which form rhythmic patterns. The rest stand out for their innovative combinations of different threads. In total, there are 5 different patterns in the series.
Like the stones and minerals they are based on, the textiles ‘work with and against the light’, as the designers describe it. This ability lies at the heart of the design and behind the complex weaving structures that characterise Onyx textiles. Onyx textiles are made from Trevira CS, and vary in width from 295cm to 330cm. They are well-suited to a variety of applications, including private homes, hotels, restaurants and public buildings.
Anne Fabricius Møller and Bodil Jerichau went to great lengths to accurately translate their choice of stones and minerals into curtains: after carefully analysing the structure and colour-play of a selection, the designers developed a large number of samples, which featured very fine details. They made these from a variety of materials in different thicknesses and colours, including very fine fishing line, metal and sewing thread.
Onyx is the first professional collaboration between Anne Fabricius Møller and Bodil Jerichau. The two, who attended design school together, were inspired to work on Onyx after visiting a geological museum together.
Anne Fabricius Møller is a Danish designer known for her ‘one-of-a kind’ textiles, which stand out for their timeless simplicity.
Her designs reflect that she finds inspiration in many diverse areas, including nature, mechanical processes, movement and technical solutions.
Bodil Jerichau is a textile designer, known for her innovative designs, which feature a variety of weaving techniques and combine different materials, colours and threads.
Nature is often the inspiration for the repeated structures and patterns that feature in her work. A highly-skilled craftswoman, she also finds creative stimulus in specialised technical textiles, and the design possibilities offered by different weaving machines.

100% Trevira CS
12 colours
Width: from 295 cm to 330cm
Design: Anne Fabricius Møller and Bodil Jerichau