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Mega 2 166
Mega 2
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Mega 2 166


Mega 2, an evolution of Mega, is a soft, hardwearing and furniture-friendly textile, designed by Georgina Wright. This distinctive fabric is suitable for both contract and domestic markets. Mega 2 is woven with a Trevira CS chenille yarn on top and a shiny Trevira CS yarn in the basic weave, which gives it a three-dimensional effect to the fabric with small matt squares on the surface, which are emphasized by the shiny yarn underneath. The result is a soft fabric with a clean, shiny surface, great depth and a taut finish.

Mega 2 comes in a new colour range that features warmer neutral and natural tones, highlighted by fresh bright colours in orange, red and green. Georgina Wright finds the inspiration for her colours in the natural landscape around her studio. As she works, she records the contrasting colours that appear as the seasons evolve. The inspiration for Mega 2 came from Georgina Wright’s desire to mix understatement and strength whilst combining art and the science of new materials. She wanted a yarn with metallic qualities, which could be combined with other yarns, to create a textile that effortlessly complements modern architecture.

Mega 2 has been developed for large surfaces and is therefore well suited to sofa groups and easy chairs. In office interiors Mega 2 combines well with the rest of Georgina Wright’s collection for Kvadrat, for instance, Bass and Tempo. Mega was nominated for the Danish Design Award 2001 for its correlation, impressive colour range and convincing quality. The jury spoke highly of the overall quality and Kvadrat for persistent work in designing quality textiles. Georgina Wright is an internationally recognized English designer whose fascination with textiles began with childhood trips to museums. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in London in 1987 she has worked in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

She finds inspiration in the way buildings and weaving link back to man’s most basic need for clothing, furnishing and shelter, and forward to the possibilities modern production methods create for the future. Themes of wholeness, balance, order and resolution are prevalent in Georgina Wright’s work. She always seeks to create textiles that are harmonious, effortless and resonant of the past and future. Her working process begins with trials of hand woven samples. She establishes a direction by working directly with the yarns, experimenting and responding to their unique properties, and creating structures. With her thorough knowledge of weaving, Georgina Wright has been able to add exciting new designs to Kvadrat’s basic collection.

100% Trevira CS
23 colours
140 cm wide