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Interferens 101
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Interferens 101


The Interferens upholstery design is the result of an energetic designer’s innate feel for, and utilisation of, new weaving technologies. Interferens is the creation of Grethe Sørensen, who has been working with Kvadrat since 2001. Grethe Sørensen is an artist and weaver who works according to architectonic principles, such as recurrence and structure. Interferens is situated in the flux between the age-old craft of weaving and modern digital technology, which is at the heart of her exploration of motifs. Grethe Sørensen seeks to use Interferens to achieve the optical effect obtained when two perforated plates are aligned on top of each other and then shifted off centre. Fascinating patterns are formed when the light pierces the holes in the plates, which catch the eye and give a three-dimensional effect.

This motif is transferred to textiles by means of computer animation, where pictures of the plates are twisted, turned and then turned over. They are then converted to moiré-patterns and woven using digital single thread control, which gives the designer the freedom to work with a continuous repeat. Interferens is available in two different designs, which are presented in the same six colourways. Both designs consist of a dark background with small dots in different patterns. The dark background repeats the effect of the two overlapping plates, and the dots illustrate the formations which arise when the plates are moved and the light pierces the holes. All the colourways have a dark background, whilst “the patches of light” come through in restrained colours, such as natural white and beige and then in strong, clear contrasting colours such as yellow, green and red.

The approximately three metre long repeat makes Interferens very well suited to larger pieces of furniture, e.g., a long sofa which gives the opportunity to show the repeat in its entirety. But Interferens also works really well with smaller furniture; for example in a concert hall, where the individual chairs are covered with the same material but are still not completely identical. In this way, a strong individual motif can be created, but, at the same time, the affinity between individual pieces of furniture can be highlighted.

24 colours
90% wool, 10% nylon
140 cm wide