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Divina MD 783
Divina MD
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100% wool
27 colours
150 cm wide

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Divina MD is an upholstery textile designed by Finn Sködt.
Available in sophisticated, rich colours, which reveal hidden depths as the perspective of the viewer changes, it makes a strong colour statement. In addition, thanks to its smooth, directionless and consistent surface, it complements the shape of furniture very well and is ideal for organically shaped furniture.
Suitable for soft seating for both contract and private use, material-dyed Divina MD is soft, comfortable and durable.
A heavily milled textile, it is manufactured by weaving yarn in a plain weave and then shrinking it in a mechanicalprocess, which uses high temperatures. This method gives it an attractive felt-like look, which is similar to Divina and Divina Melange, the other fabrics in the Divina ‘family’.
As a result, the fabrics complement each other well.
Divina MD’s full-bodied and subtle structure is ideal for bringing an extensive range of tones to life. Its colourways, which are all crafted from a blend of different tones, appear unicoloured from a distance, but reveal different colour nuances under closer examination.
The colour-concept behind Divina MD is designed to capture the colour-richness found in the shades and shadows of classical oil paintings. Consequently, the fabric has a uniquely vibrant look, which sets it apart from other melange textiles.
Finn Sködt: ‘When one paints a classic oil painting and has to drag the colours into the shade, using black is not always useful. The nuances you create must consist of a meeting between tones. This idea underpins the colour design for Divina MD.’
The palette for the fabric consists of quiet classical colours with a twist, such as dark marine with pink, grey with marine nuances, and camel with red or marine. In particular, it challenges the classical view of red by offering a range of soft, reddish tones, ranging from magenta to dusty pink. Importantly, all the different hues that comprise the colour-scale can be ‘pulled out’ to eye-catching effect by combining Divina MD with similar coloured textiles and accessories.