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Alloy 018
Alloy by Maharam
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Designed by the Maharam Design Studio, Alloy is a durable non-woven upholstery textile with an elegant, contemporary look. Made of 100% polyurethane and polyester backed, the fabric catches the light in a way that is reminiscent of anodized metal.

Unicoloured Alloy has been constructed to stretch and smoothly cling to the shape of furniture. The fabric has a metallic satin finish, which causes light to play across its surface to eye-catching effect.

The palette for Alloy is expansive and vibrant. It consists of 20 fresh, contemporary shades, which complement the fabric’s fluid, lustrous expression. Some of the colours are metallic in character, such as gun-metal grey, brushed aluminium, silver and gold. The rest are not metal coloured and range from light to dark tones and include: cream, golden yellow, red, orange, rich blue, powder blue, turquoise, green, aubergine, purple and plain chocolate.

Alloy’s synthetic content makes it suitable for contract upholstery and, depending on the fire regulations, upholstered wall applications. Importantly, the fabric has very good abrasion resistance.

100% polyurethane (surface)
100% polyester (backing)
20 colours
137 cm wide