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Al 950
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Al 950


Al is a transparent curtain material made from 100% Trevira CS, with an aluminium backing. The aluminium backing shields the indoor climate against bright light and heat.

Glare reduction is an important function of a sun-blocking product/curtain. Al blocks out 62% of visible light, which is reflected and absorbed by the product. Thus, 38% of visible light penetrates the product.

The surface of the sun is extremely hot, emitting large quantities of radiation. Only a small part of the sun’s rays are visible – most rays are ultraviolet or infrared radiation, radiated heat. When you want to retain a degree of coolness in buildings in the summer, radiated heat is the most significant factor. Al protects against 62% of the sun’s radiated heat, by reflecting and absorbing it. 38% of the radiated heat enters the room. The colour of the textile influences the amount of reflection and absorption, since a light colour reflects the most, whilst a dark colour absorbs the most. The table below shows individual measurements for Al as well as Time (normal) and Tratto (transparent).

Light transmission visible light transmitted through the article.

Light reflection visible light reflected and thus excluded.

Radiation transmission the sun’s invisible rays (heat) transmitted through the product, increasing the temperature of the room.

Radiation reflection the sun’s invisible rays (heat) reflected and thus not contributing to increasing the temperature of the room.