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The original version, Soft Cells typically delivers Class-C acoustic performance. In doing so, they rely on two layers of tensioned textile. Well suited for team-oriented open areas, they offer strong acoustic performance in the important frequency area of speech intelligibility.
Soft Cells deliver broadband conditioning in all relevant octaves between 200-4000 Hertz. This specification allows planners and acoustics experts to precisely tailor the number and placement of the panels to the local acoustic parameters of the interior in question.
The acoustic performance is identical when installing Soft Cells to the ceiling or walls using the magnet components and creating a finished surface 55mm from the structural element.

At a glance
The patented aluminium frame has a hidden tensioning mechanism, which ensures that the covering textile stays perfectly taut
Thanks to the tensioning mechanism, the textile covering is unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity
Suitable for all kinds of interior
The textile tension of each frame can be individually adjusted
Easy to mount on walls and ceilings, at any angle
Can be manufactured in large sizes
Corner insert prevents folds and creases
Selection of nine standard fabric coverings, offering a total of 267 different colours
Can easily be taken down, re-assembled and re-upholstered to meet changing requirements
Optimum coverage of the 1000 Hz frequency range, Class C sound absorber
All Soft Cells systems installed by our Certified White Glove Technicians are covered by a 10 year technical guarantee
The Soft Cells specialists and architectural support work closely with architects in developing customised solutions

Technical data
Applications: Interior walls and ceilings

Structural form: Single-sided, double-layer tensioned textile, air cavity 18 mm

Dimensions: From 200 × 200mm to 2300 × 6000mm, depending on choice of textile

System depth: Wall mounted version: 55 mm from installation surface Ceiling mounted version with magnet: 55 mm from installation surface Ceiling mounted version with steel wire: min. 100 mm

Frame profile: Aluminium hollow section profile Height: 36 mm

Frame colour: Silver anodised

Acoustic performance
The textile chosen, Toto, typifies the performance of most acoustically tested Soft Cells textiles. Acoustic results for specific textiles can be supplied upon request, or downloaded from

Mounting system: Walls: magnets or C-section profiles Ceilings: magnets or steel wire

Textile: Standard fabric collection: Topas 2, Pro 2, Toto, Time 300, Remix 2, Divina 3, Greenfield, Highfield and Zap. All textiles have been tested for sound absorption according to EN ISO 354

Acoustic felt: Incorporated 18 mm behind covering textile. The covering fabric and acoustic felt filter sound system is based on the reflection of sound.
Distance to ceiling/wall: max. 200 mm

Magnets: Allow for the dismantling of panels without tools. Suitable for mounting on walls and ceilings.

Material: pot magnet, steel Overall depth of the panels from the face of the installation surface: 55 mm

Steel wire: For ceiling mounting where a suspended ceiling is required.
Material: stainless steel wire Minimum dimension of the front side of the panel to the installation surface: 100 mm

Hinges and magnets:
If access is required from above, Soft Cells panels should be mounted with hinges and magnets.
Material: steel, pot magnet Dimensions from the front side of the Soft Cells to the installation brackets: 55 mm

End caps: For covering the small gap between wall and Soft Cells.
Material: aluminium Width: 55 mm, length adjusted to length or width of Soft Cells, max. 3000mm in one piece