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Acoma 102
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Acoma 102


Textile in metallic colours – inspired by amulets and jewellery

Using her jewellery designs as the starting point, textile and jewellery designer Bess Kristoffersen has created two new curtains, Acoma and Zuni, characterised by shiny metallic colours and patterns inspired by Native American amulets. Bess Kristoffersen found inspiration for both curtain designs on a journey that took her through New Mexico and Arizona, where she was particularly impressed with the pueblos (villages) of Acoma and Zuni. Sky City, the oldest inhabited pueblo in the USA, is located in the Acoma reservation. The village is on a plateau and the silhouette of the village, is dominated by staircases and ladders leading up to the holy places, the kivas. The design of the Acoma curtain is inspired by the shadows of these staircases and ladders leading up to the kivas. Acoma is in satin weave and the gauge and design of this textile also make it suitable for use as bedspreads, for example. The colours – 10 colourways altogether – are shiny and metallic, ranging from pale silvery-blue, iridescent green and gold to strong copper tones. The hovering figures in the pattern of the Zuni textile are inspired by the Zuni reservation. The Zunies are very skilled at making amulets and fetishes to which magical powers are attributed. Accordingly, the origin of the pattern is in these historical amulets. Zuni is a printed curtain using mother-of-pearl on textile in 5 metallic colourways.

100% Trevira CS
10 colours
140 cm wide