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Product description

The two slightly offset cubes housing the sauna and steam shower are united into an aesthetic whole through the simple, linear Insieme Due design. The benches are a premiere for the Küng company. An aluminium profile is integrated into the slightly bevelled front edge of the bench and the traverse slats of the seat further underscore the geometric character of this combined unit. The walls of the sauna are covered in a horizontal slat profiled panelling made of light aspen wood, creating a filigree pattern. The dark rear wall of the steam shower forms an effective contrast – like the exterior wall of the sauna, it is made of a pane of glass with screen-printed surface, allowing a broad range of individual designs.

All Küng sauna models offer plenty of scope for individuality: tailor-made to fit the specific space available, customers can choose the construction materials and select options such as loud speakers and control devices. A Küng BIOSA® heater expands your sauna experience, offering the choice between a gentler bio sauna and the traditional Finnish sauna.

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Küng Sauna successfully brings together two wellness rituals in its design-protected Insieme models: The Insieme combines a sauna and steam bath, while the Insieme Due incorporates a sauna and steam shower. Combining these two forms of relaxation is Küng’s answer to the growing demand for sophisticated, high-quality wellness solutions for the home. Equipped with the latest technology and customised to reflect your own personal style, these sauna-steam bath and sauna-steam shower models are both aesthetic and functional.