Product description

The uniform wooden box in the cellar has become a thing of the past. In much the same way as spa treatments have become an integral part of health care for many people, the sauna has become an increasingly central feature of Swiss homes. They may be located under the eaves, in the living room or bedroom, next to the kitchen, in alcoves or in the garden. There are almost no limits to Küng Sauna’s imagination, capitalising on every opportunity to integrate windows, fireplaces, exposed beams and brickwork as well as staircases in the sauna layout. Every sauna is a one-off, custom-made in the company's own workshops in Altendorf (Schwyz). During its development process for planning and implementation, Küng Sauna takes into account the available space, the interior design of the surroundings, the sauna and wellness habits of the customer as well as any special requirements. The task then is to align the ideas with the technical requirements to create unique, surprising, satisfying facilities that bear the unmistakable hallmark of Küng.