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Product description

Kriskadecor’s wallcovering solution is a refreshing and flexible structure to cover in a surprising way a straight wall or even hide some areas to create a dramatic effect as this main restaurant entrance which combines a fixed structure and a mobile one, both created with the same colour and density. The quantity of light or density can be adapted to each requirement by using the standard strand spacing or the half-drop one to create the light effect or the sense of intimacy desired.

It is also possible to use an inferior fastening so the strand do not move, chain linking so the strand become a metallic fabric or even chain shaping by trimming of the chains creating required shapes. Due to its own patented machinery it is possible to reproduce images, patterns and logos as every link of the mesh acts as a pixel. Also images’ definition can be adapted to standard resolution by using Kriska links or a high defined imagine by using the small and smart Snina, wich offers a more accurated resolution.Small aluminium links are the essence of Kriskadecor, that is why their material is so light, also required structures are carefully considered so the project can be easily installed.

Material: aluminium chain
Shape: Straight
System: Fixed and mobile structure
Colours: Apricot
Link’s type: Kriska

Project info: Coure Restaurant. Barcelona

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Covering a wall with fixed or mobile murals has never been so exciting. Each link works like a pixel and the most elegant patterns come true. Kriskadecor offers solutions for every space, regardless of size or shape. If there is a way to make it happen, we will find it. The only limit is in the imagination.