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In-Tile Ventilation
In-Tile Ventilation
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Product description

Fuo Square
Architectural aluminium ceiling diffuser with 4-way air pattern and adjustable core for the supply and exhaust of hot/cold or isotherm air. The diffuser has an adjustable output pattern (horizontal - vertical). Fuo Square is seamlessly integrated into a Kreon ceiling tile and finished in the same colour as the ceiling.
■ 4-way air pattern with adjustable core
■ Suitable for supply and exhaust air
■ Adapted for hot, cold or isotherm air

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Ventilation has become an essential part of any building design. Often this is translated into a purely technical solution, overlooking the importance of design. The provision of air diffusers within the Kreon Ceiling Solutions family provides an elegant answer to a service integration which is often problematic in appearance and difficult to harmonise. Kreon offers a selection of air diffusers that range from invisible on-tile combinations to discreet linear grills that can be installed between tiles or at the margins of ceiling rafts.

Kreon provides comfortable, silent, efficient and aesthetically pleasing ventilation solutions. All diffusers can be used for the supply or return of cooled or warm air. Our experts guide you to the best solution for your needs and help you make the right choice. Fuo Square is seamlessly integrated into a Kreon ceiling tile, assuring a uniform ceiling surface.