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Climate Ceiling
Climate Ceiling
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Invisibly and unobtrusively integrated in Kreon Ceiling Solutions, the climate ceiling generates a comfortable, healthy and clean indoor climate. Cooling and heating is distributed uniformly throughout the entire surface of the room, without any draughts and in complete silence. Having no moving parts or dust collecting filters, maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum whilst assuring a healthy indoor climate.
■ Unobtrusive climate system
■ Reduced maintenance
■ Comfortable and healthy
■ Energy saving and sustainable
■ Economical
■ Flexible

Indoor comfort
Kreon climate ceiling guarantees the most comfortable indoor climate by making use of radiant heating and cooling. In summer, the chilled ceiling absorbs excess heat while cooling down the room through convection. During winter, the radiant ceiling transfers heating directly to people and surfaces. Both heating and cooling is evenly spread throughout the entire surface of the room without any draughts or noises, offering the best possible indoor comfort.

Economical choice
One system has it all: Kreon climate ceiling conceals technical installations such as ductwork, piping and cabling and integrates heating/cooling as well as ventilation, lighting, audio and different sensors. Installation costs are minimized by combining all techniques into one single solution. No maintenance is required as there are no moving parts or filters that need replacing, reducing running costs to an absolute minimum. Energy consumption is reduced drastically compared to traditional HVAC installations due to the high efficiency and low inertia of the system. No auxiliary power to drive fans is required, minimizing the electrical consumption of the entire climate installation.