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Geo 181
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Geo Line is a range of products that reinvents bathtub design in morphological terms - created to define new forms for basins of water and reinvent the bathroom ambience. The soft and innovative lines of these fittings have been devised to offer new body-comforting ergonomics; the purity of design for the shower tray: a new domestic landscape. Awards: Design Plus 2007; Nomination German Design Award 2008 Ludovica+Roberto Palomba_designers: "The poetic statement of Geo Line is instantly recognizable through its essential lines and formal purity. A collection conceived to enrich our daily rituals enabling each one of us to discover our innermost original ancestral self." Geo 180 with its innovative lines - unparalleled in the design panorama - is universally recognized as an icon of total wellness. Its 'primitive' basin form recalls ancient wellsprings generating an almost mystical evocative atmosphere - for a complete regeneration of the mind and body every day. Also available for outdoor installation Geo 180 ensures quintessential well-being - for solitary solace or playful sharing. Of extremely reduced dimensions with tapering edges that like a ribbon outline and define its form Geo 170x170 and 180x180 dedicate an ample and comfortable space to water. Perfect for the world of contract Geo is made to satisfy all space requirements without sacrificing comfort and design. For floor-flush or built-in installation Geo 170x170 and 180x180 explore new relations with space. Chiselled within a textured box of satin-finished glass Geo Glass is defined by a slender sinuous. A poetic narration immediately appreciated through its essential quality and formal purity.