Product description

H: 1545 mm
D: 1000 mm + 400 mm

Product family


TEAM.WORK.SPACE: Working in open space – with all its many facets

Working will become even more flexible in the future. More freedom of design in the workplace is needed. The open space furnishing concept TEAM.WORK.SPACE, developed by Stuttgart-based designer Michael Schmidt of code2design, meets the most diverse requirements and personal needs.

TEAM.WORK.SPACE is based on the fact that any workstation is a flexible combination of people, space, furniture and technology. It allows for all forms of open space working: concentrated, creative and communicative working, individually, in pairs or as a team, at a full-time workstation or just passing through using different furnishing configurations such as Work Desks, Hot Desks, the Team Area or even the Silent Area. TEAM.WORK.SPACE introduces two new elements to provide flexible, individual workstations with the feel-good factor.

The screens provide privacy as well as acoustic advantages – just what you need. At the same time you have a vantage point, so that you can maintain contact with colleagues. Cables lead straight from the floor-level mains points to your workstation via the eBridge. This means you can arrange layouts to suit your requirements even in existing premises without the need for structural alterations.

Awarded with the acclaimed Interior Innovation Award 2014 and nominated for the Germann Design Award 2015.