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KOS Trio Large KO3L 3S2
KOS Trio
Konrad Weinhuber >
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >
Interior lighting-Lighting systems >

Product description

Technical data
KOS suspension lamp with baldachin (L 1500 x W 250 mm oder 1900 x 250 mm), or with track system (L 1500 x W 42 mm oder 2000 x 42 mm) with up to six suspension lights
KOS suspension small: 2x 12W, 900lm, >90 CRI per light unit
KOS suspension large: 1x 17W, 1300lm, >90 CRI per light unit
Suspension lights height adjustable, movable sideways
Dimming, tunable white and switching on and off through gesture control
incl. LED driver 100W
Cable colours available in stainless steel, textile orange and black
The surface available in satinized (stainles steel finish), white matt or highgloss

Energy efficiency
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps. The built-in LED lamps comply with the energy classes A to A++. The LED lamps can be changed only by the KOMOT service.

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Minimalist design for a classic or modern atmosphere. A blown opaline glass sphere whose satinised surface is softly illuminated from the inside. A delicate textile cord that leads into the lamp from above. And a minutely dosed ray of light that emerges from below. This and not more is what KOS should be.
This light conceals its true talents: The specially developed LED module shines from its secret hiding place. The mysterious height and side-to-side adjustment is invisible. The smart gesture controls for dimming the light and switching it on and off also remain reserved for insiders. Only he or she who tilts the body of the lamp will notice with delight that even the colour temperature of the KOS is adjusted with ease.

Precise light distribution
With its 246 LEDs (L version), KOS generates an impressive brightness. Most of this, it softly gives off in a downward direction with a 90°-degree angle. With the rest, KOS shows off its own beauty: Smart distribution of the light illuminates the opaline glass sphere from the inside and lets it glow in a soft white. Its sophisticated shape is emphasised by the minutely dosed light – and not diffused in brightness as is often the case with spherical lights.

Flexible height adjustment
KOS lets you adjust its height freely across one metre. Sometimes this is highly convenient. And sometimes it is simply beautiful because several grouped lights may be arranged in different positions time and again. When adjusting the height of the light, the delicate textile-encased cord vanishes inside the lamp’s body. Thereby, what happens inside the light stays a secret.

Intelligent controls
Switching KOS on and off occurs via a light switch or by lightly tapping the lamp body. Naturally, KOS may also be dimmed. This happens contact-free by bringing your flat hand close to the lamp body from below. And since the colour of the light not only changes a room but also its entire atmosphere, the light colour of the KOS can also be regulated. For this purpose, the lamp body is simply lifted slightly on one side. The tilted light reacts immediately by changing its colour spectrum. It ranges from cold light to candlelight. Room by room. Depending on the desired atmosphere.