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Product description

A redesign of existing interior rooms often requires the integration of design elements that function as vital support structures such as pillars and columns made of concrete or steel. The column cladding solutions made by Koch Membranen offer a great choice to disguise these structures and turn them from an eyesore into an eye-catcher.
Available as textile light objects that can be adjusted in shape and size, they can be adapted to the circumference of the column and offer a multitude of design options. Aside from an abundance of design options, these cladding solutions also enhance the acoustics in the room thanks to the use of sound-absorbing materials. The cladding can also be lit from the inside - even with coloured light if requested - to create riveting design objects. The cladding, of course, also includes constructional details that are designed to prevent damage or soiling brought about by cleaning the floor.

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The expectations as to what qualifies as a well-designed room have increased dramatically - especially when it comes to office and work environments, educational buildings and function rooms. Today, rooms are not only supposed to serve a specific purpose but are also expected to be comfortable and inspire motivation. One factor of principal importance in this regard is how the occupants in the room experience light and sound. Textile materials offer innumerable options to merge the requirements on the acoustics in the room with the expectations the occupants have in terms of modern interior design. For instance, high-performance membranes can be incorporated as versatile design elements capable of heightening ambience, absorbing sound and using light for illumination and dramatic effects.

Koch Membranen owes their ability to develop their own translucent and sound-absorbing membrane materials to the know-how they have accumulated over long decades of operating in the textile architecture business. The company's light and acoustic fabrics Artex®, Helioflon® and Siglatex® are used as part of lightweight and intricate shapes in construction systems and standard products. Thanks to the materials' negligible own weight and largely pre-assembled ceiling systems, sails, umbrellas or baffles, installing the systems is fast and easy. They are equally well suited for new construction and renovations as well as expansions. All systems are scalable to satisfy individual requirements and can be used in a large variety of shapes and design options. The innovative membranes never fail to create stylish designs and attractive solutions for interior rooms that are flooded with light and offer optimised sound absorption.

Apart from such standard products as acoustic sails and column cladding solutions, we increasingly engineer customised solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of architects and builders with discriminating requirements.

Materials for textile interior design projects

• Artex®
• Helioflon®
• Siglatex®

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