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TECU® Classic Bond | Material
TECU® Bond | Material
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„The Copper Composite for Façade Cladding“

Large façade areas need attractive and exquisite materials to create an impressive effect – but these materials also have to be durable and easy to work with so that the investment pays off. TECU ® Bond is the answer. With this new composite material you can design façades and interior spaces in copper more effectively, easily, quickly and economically. And you don‘t have to compromise on the outward appearance, since the material has the same high aesthetic qualities as all TECU ® surfaces. Now nothing stands in the way of designing large, high-quality, even surfaces.

Bonded with copper

„Simpler, faster, more economical“

TECU® Bond enables you to create elegant solutions in copper for ventilated curtain walls – as well as cladding, roofing and interior work – quickly and economically. The composite sheets are simple but efficient in design: under high pressure, 0.3-mm-thick sheets of TECU® copper are applied onto both sides of a polyethylene core. The result: an extremely robust material bond and an ideal façade material that is attractive, durable and economical.

The design is ingeniously simple and the material is also quick and easy to work with. TECU® Bond is prepared and cut to size in the workshop; the sheets are then installed on the building site in no time at all – there is no need to invest in the equipment that is usually required for façade construction. And so that there are no minor accidents in the rush, a protective film is applied to the visible surface in the factory, which is removed only after the sheets have been installed. Consequently, TECU® Bond enables elegant solutions at a reasonable cost; for example, for ventilated curtain walls, fascia, parapet and soffit cladding, roofing and interior work.

TECU® Bond is the perfect combination of durability, efficient use of materials and the exquisite visual appearance of the copper surface with exceptional stability – optimised by this unique bond of materials.

The advantages:

• Even
• Warp resistant
• Optimum weight
• Low thermal expansion
• Excellent noise insulation
• High mechanical resistance