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TECU® Brass_shape | Material
TECU®_shape | Material
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Facade systems-Facade cladding
Cladding panels-Metal
Cladding panels-Copper cladding panels
Metal-Metal sheets/panels

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Wave diagonal

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„New dimension: Time and time again new, unexpected, fascinating solutions in copper“

Amorphous structures, wave shapes, organic three-dimensional patterns, spherical impressions in copper: TECU® surfaces are now complemented by a third dimension. For building applications this means livelier, more individual facades with a very expressive presence. The natural copper surfaces now seem to take on a different appearance at different times of the day and with every change in light and shadow. The long-term change in appearance also seems to occur in a different manner from what we are used to: since the natural oxidation process on copper depends on the angle of the surface, the colour changes on three-dimensional surfaces differ considerably.

After the copper and copper alloy strips are produced the three-dimensional shapes of the TECU® surfaces are made by hammering, stamping and hydroforming. These processes have no effect on the familiar positive TECU® properties. The easy processing, durability and economy of the products remain fully intact.

The three-dimensional TECU®_shape structures are available in many designs and in all TECU® surfaces.