TrendVario 6200+

Semi automatic parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking

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The TrendVario 6200+ can be combined with other TrendVario models
The TrendVario 6200+ can be driven through, which means it can be easily combined with the TrendVario 6100, 6200+ and 6300, as well as the 6100+ and 6300+ (which can also be driven through), as an additional row of parking. As no second access lane is required, this sort of combined parking system enables you to have even more parking spaces within the same floor area.
The TrendVario 6200+ accommodates two vehicles, one above the other. The parking spaces are moved vertically and horizontally and transported to the desired position.
For maximum operating safety, the access level is secured from the entire system by gates.
You can also enhance your TrendVario 6200+ with our premium accessoires.

For independent parking
Can be combined with the TrendVario 6100, 6100+, 6300, 6300+ and 6200+
4 rows behind each other and 4 grids next to each other – up to 28 parking spaces are possible
Building height: from 330 cm
Pit depth: not required
Vehicle dimensions: height 150 cm to 220 cm, length 500 cm to 520 cm
Usable platform width: 230 cm to 270 cm
Platform load: 2,000 kg per parking space, optionally 2,600 kg or max. 3,000 kg
Horizontal access to all parking levels
Platform coating: StandardGrip, optional AluLongLife or EasyWalk
Operation via SmartChip, SmartPortable or SmartApp

Standard gates: KLAUS V-Gates, vertical gates, electrically
Electrically sliding gates as an option
Remote control as an option
Gate frame made from extruded aluminium profiles with two vertical centre stay bars for the vertical gate and one vertical centre stay bar for the sliding gate
Standard gating material: perforated aluminium plate
Optional for sliding gates:
Around 50 individual variations are possible in different materials and colours
Glass (laminated safety glass), wood (Nordic spruce), aluminium, steel and many other options available.
Interchangable panels and segments

In residential and commercial buildings in large cities
For additional parking spaces in office buildings or residential and commercial buildings
To increase capacity in underground car parks or parking garages, e.g. of hotels
More parking spaces for car dealerships, car rental companies or vintage car collections
Ideal in the case of constructions abutting property lines

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Manufacturer KLAUS Multiparking
Family TrendVario 6200+
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