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MDF Composite KCD117/XO376 LNX01140
MDF Composite KCD117/XO376 LNX01140
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Kinon® is a proprietary hand cast resin with various applied decorative effects. Kinon® material is cast in several different layering processes directly onto a flat MDF surface. As it cures, the material forms a solid structural bond with the MDF, producing a stable composite material.

Kinon® is a tough, chemically resistant material and is therefore ideal for various interior furnishing and decorative applications such as wall paneling, doors (both cabinetry and interior), kitchens, retail fixtures and furniture to include cabinetry, tables etc. It is widely specified for residential, retail, hospitality and other commercial projects.

Kinon® offers a variety of product sizes, which are listed on our website under Product Sizes. The maximum size we offer is 5’ x 12’. The typical thickness of our MDF sheets are ½” or ¾”. To make the material flexible for applications on curved surfaces we offer planed down material at 1/4 “ or 1/8 “ thickness (1/8” for maximum flexibility).

Kinon is a unique handmade product. Various techniques are carefully used to create our different patterns. Therefore, like stone and wood no two panels are ever the same. Over a large panel it will have numerous shades and tones, and the surface will have undulations as well as tiny pores.