Product description

Desk top 23 mm, chipboard with wood veneer and solid wood lipping (beech, birch, oak) laminate (beech, birch, oak, white, light grey). Underframe Pillar base (Ø 114 mm) in powder-coated steel (silver or white) with cruciform base in aluminium (silver/white) or footplate in steel (dark grey). Table height Fixed with cruciform base (TPL): 550 mm, (TPM): 724 mm, (TPH): 1100 mm. Adjustable (gas spring) with cruciform base (TPG): 700–1115 mm. Adjustable with pillar and footplate (EP): 620–820 mm. Fixed with T-frames (SF): 724 mm. Options Electrics tidy and cabling for conference tables.


The flexible Series[t] is designed so that everyone can create their own optimum workspace – whilst fitting harmoniously into the overall look of the office. This way, the individual and the group both get what they need to perform at their best. Series[t] is equally suitable for workplaces and for meetings, conferences and break rooms. Different table top shapes and table combinations are just part of what Series[t] has to offer. Choose the combination that suits you best.