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KELLER AG is a specialist in the market segment of high-quality aluminium window systems and home conservatories.

The latest product series, KELLER GLASSHOUSE®, is the result of the combination of the elegant flat roof construction of the KELLER ORANGERY Elegance® and the use of the KELLER minimal windows® design sliding elements as the side parts. A GLASSHOUSE® from KELLER impresses through its unmistakable design and the quality of manufacturing. Each construction is unique. Apart from its aesthetics, its transparency and its sophisticated functionality, a KELLER GLASSHOUSE® conveys an exclusive lifestyle.

Trendsetter in form and function

The flat roof construction developed by KELLER in accordance with the ORANGERY Elegance® concept has decisive advantages over conventional glazed single-pitch or gable roofs. The visually appealing extension to existing houses is simpler, since the height of the existing eaves height does not limit or even hinder the configuration and size of the home conservatory. Due to its good insulation and reduced glass surfaces, the flat roof of the KELLER GLASSHOUSE® reduces the heat irradiation and thus the required cooling power in summer. There are also energetic benefits in winter due to the lower energy costs on account of the good isolation values of the roof, the glazing and the highly insulated KELLER profile systems. Roof projections offer ideal possibilities for the integration of glare protection or solar shading. Both the lateral sun exposure and the beat of the rain against the side windows can be reduced. The desired incidence of light can be individually planned by the size, shape and arrangement of ribbon windows and light domes. The roof also offers many possibilities on the inside to create an individual atmosphere by installing suitable lighting. There are visually appealing design variants for the layout of the eaves profiles.

Maximum transparency with KELLER minimal windows®

The desire for transparency and light-flooded rooms in residential buildings and home conservatories led to the development of large sliding elements. The lean and in some cases minimalistic facing widths of the insulating aluminium profiles open up other virtually frameless views. The KELLER minimal windows® design sliding system with its particularly slender profiles blends almost invisibly into the home conservatory in the KELLER GLASSHOUSE® design. Boundless individuality The specialty of the KELLER GLASSHOUSE® lies in the countless possibilities that it offers the planner (architects, engineers or owners) for planning their personal object, which stands out not only due to the roof construction, but also due to the room layout, the arrangement of the gable and the interior decoration. The KELLER GLASSHOUSE® thus meets the highest requirements and integrates itself harmoniously into every environment. The combination of flat roof and design sliding elements has a harmonious design that can also reconcile the classic and the modern. Unobtrusive and yet present, the GLASSHOUSE® from KELLER stamps an individual character on the property.