Key facts

Product description

What makes KML22 seamless mesh globally unique?

- Most importantly, there are no joins or welds.
- Each part is solid.
- Its ability to take on different 3D forms and drape like a fabric to create complex shapes is unique.
- Its complex 3D forms allow better airflow when compared to equivalent 2D forms of the same visual density.
- It has unique light reflective properties due to the flat section of each ring.
- It’s the first non-woven plastic mesh to be used in Architecture & Design.
- Finally, it’s made from polycarbonate and is 100% recyclable, made in a nil-waste process.

Product variants


KML 22 range
Kaynemaile Limited’s flagship product, KML22, is a unique, seamless polycarbonate mesh. As well as offering innovative, functional design solutions to the fields of architecture and design, KML22 offers tremendous future potential for a range of commercial and industrial applications that depend on a lightweight, durable and versatile mesh.

Water & Ice
The purity, clarity and fluidity of water are all the elements of our KML22 Water & Ice range, inspired by New Zealand’s snowtopped mountains and crystal clear rivers.