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Mademoiselle, the most à la mode small design armchair, is "dressed" by the Made in Italy fashion labels that have a special rapport with and affi nity for Kartell. The collection boasts three prints chosen by Rosita Missoni: "Vevey", a cheery kaleidoscope of fl owers in red or burnt tones, and "Cartagena" with elegant white and black fl ower graffi ti. Novelties in 2010, Moschino presents three versions: "Sketches" is the result of a patchwork of original illustrations by Franco Moschino; "Margherite" is a fl oral carpet on a black background which fl ows from the seat up onto the back and "Cuori" is Moschino's iconic black and white hearts print. Comfortable and cosy, chic but casual, the Mademoiselle armchair is available in these versions too with a transparent or glossy black polycarbonate frame.

Seat: fabric covered polyurethane
Fabric: 100% cotton
Fire-resistant fabric**: 100% polyester Trevira CS™
Seat: transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate

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