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Ponoq POB94
Ponoq Table
Karl Andersson >
Nils Gulin >
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Seating-Stools >
Lounge area/Waiting room-Ottomans >
Seating-Stools >
Lounge area/Waiting room-Ottomans >

Product description

stool H 470, 305x305 mm
table H 530, L 400, W 350 mm

Product family


In the beginning, ponoq (2009-2010) was a wall mounted coat rack in compact laminate. Our product development led to free-standing clothes hanger with base and pillars, with or without umbrella stands. The pillars and the base-plate made it easy to develop further with a tabletop/base plate in the compact laminate which became a table. The pedestal table ponoq’s base-plate can be secured to the floor using a concealed fitting and ideal in environments that are subjected to a lot of hard wear and tear. Pedestal table comes in seven heights, with rectangular or round tabletops in a choice of sizes. ponoq has a tabletop/base-plate in white or black compact laminate, and supporting pedestals in white or black lacquered metal. ponoq pedestal table is ideal for waiting rooms, corridors, schools, museums, art galleries or wherever furniture needs to cope with a lot of hard wear and tear.

ponoq coat rack (2009) consists of wall and free-standing models. ponoq wall model comes in five lengths and in colors white, black and red. When in use, ponoq projects 50 mm from the wall: folded up, it is a mere 16 mm. ponoq free-standing coat hanger comes in single-sided and double-sided versions in two heights. The coat hanger is suspended from a white lacquered metal column that stands on a base-plate of white compact laminate. This can be secured to the floor using a concealed fitting. An umbrella stand is available as an optional extra. ponoq coat hanger is ideal wherever you need to hang clothes - in a hall, behind a bedroom door, in an office or hotel room, in conference rooms, corridors, auditoriums, kitchens, store-rooms, lunch rooms, cinemas, restaurants or even outdoors.