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Premium PSK KN76
Sliding & Gliding Elements
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The tilt and slide Premium PSK KN76 provides maximum performance in all the features of an element. They are the best solutions for thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing and safety for a slider door or window. When facing extreme weather conditions (high altitude, seaside salt spray, heavy noise pollution) all features of a tilt and slide Premium PSK KN76 can be put to use and outperform any other.
Material: high-impact uPVC with enhanced steel geometry
- Highly insulating 6-chamber center seal system with 76mm construction depth, straight design, and narrow profile views.
- 3 seals for optimal weather protection
- Increased thermal insulation through additional wing rebate seal
- the outer stops of the profiles are chamfered by approx. 10 °
- Striker plate is fixed directly into the steel reinforcement
- Drainage either to the front or below (consealed)
- Glazing thicknesses 24mm up to 48 mm
- Set-back glazing bead with an extruded sealing lip for a better look
- Welded seals in corners all around the window with secure weather control
- Thermal insulation Uf = 1.0 W / (m²K)
- Complete profile series (main and secondary profiles) are stabilized with environmentally friendly calcium / zinc instead of lead

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