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Premium HST K76
Sliding & Gliding Elements
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Our innovative lift & slide Premium HST K76 heavy duty doors are the ideal choice for luxury houses and commercial buildings. Outperform any other when unusual sizes are requested and are guaranteed to amaze and bring out luxury and elegance. Exceptional insulation performance, wind resistance and long-lasting durability are standard with this high end gliding elements.
Material: high-impact uPVC with enhanced steel geometry
- High insulation five chamber profile cross section with 76 mm sash construction depth, Uf= 1.4 W/(m²K).
- Large scale steel reinforcements for optimized positive action connections, use of two steel profiles in the casement.
- Peripheral EPDM glazing gasket.
- High quality sealing elements for efficient sealing.
- Glazing thicknesses 24mm up to 48 mm
- Backset glazing bead with shortened coextruded seal lip for enhanced visual appeal and easier cleaning.
- Concealed casement screw unions in preformed receivers.
- Threshold designed for the perfect thermal properties flush with inner floor.
- Barrier-free building with a track variant.
- Complete profile series (main and secondary profiles) are stabilized with environmentally friendly calcium / zinc instead of lead

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