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Vivo Aqua Eco System ⎮ Rondo
Vivo Aqua Eco System ⎮ Rondo
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The gentle interior curves of the RONDO baths offer plenty of space for a bather to rest against. And the broad armrests ensure additional comfort. The classic rectangular form of the RONDO provides an especially generous interior volume. And the cleverly orchestrated inner curves create space for the ultimate in relaxed reclining.

The VIVO AQUA ECO is a perfect introduction into the Kaldewei whirl world. In this whirl system, water massage jets are targeted directly at your body through four or six nozzles (depending on bath design). Air can be optionally added to massage jet after the Venturi principle for a pleasant, massaging pressure on your skin and base layer. The intensity of the addition of air can be smoothly adjusted by the turn knob.
Water is pumped through blue hoses. Air for the passive addition of air is fed through the red hoses. Hoses are arranged in such a way that the whirl system empties completely when the outlet fitting is opened. Thus the highest hygiene standards are met.

This Whirlsystem can be combined with various bathtubs.