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Virginia Experience
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Product description

There are many details that make the Virginia Experience unique, from the innovative step free entrance to the Techstone corners which is a technological material that reproduces the naturalness of stone.

The innovative entrance makes the space inside the spa remarkably larger to create more room for socialising whilst the seating allows for 6 to 7 people and offers a lounge for complete body immersion and utmost relaxation. 34 jets and 16 blowers deliver advanced hydrotherapy and create an effervescent effect, users also benefit from underwater lighting and aromatherapy.

Commercial features include an external grid, complete drain, automatic water refilling and filtration all designed to reduce the scheduled level of maintenance. 257 x 219 x 98 H cm.Built-in installation.

Product family


A range of hot tubs exclusively designed for use in hotels and resorts.

Every product with the Professional collection has been designed for intensive use and to create a beautiful and elegant sight in any shared wellness area.

The Professional collection of spas offers superior performance for users and businesses alike. For the benefit of users strategically positioned jets in every seating position provides a unique hydromassage whilst deep immersion ensures the entire body is submerged for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.