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Ecoflex Echo | Art Style - Shared Path 569
Ecoflex Echo
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Carpets/Rugs-Carpet tiles >
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Designers often chose the path less taken to create memorable spaces. Art Style’s product duo makes the journey more exciting with Shared Path, a nuanced textured pattern with universal appeal.
Length (cm): 75
Width (cm): 25
Backing: EcoFlex™ Echo
Construction: Tufted 1/10" gauge loop
Fibre: 100% Colorstrand® Premium Nylon (40% recycled content)
Wear classification: 33 / LC1

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When designing a well-balanced space, a series of elements needs to be taken into consideration. Whether it’s a choice of colours, decoration items, lighting or use of materials; each will contribute to the overall feeling of a room. In this, the aspect of acoustics is often underestimated, despite optimal sound insulation and absorption being essential to create a healthy and productive working environment. That’s why soundproofing through flooring has become a necessary part of interior design in modern construction and renovation projects.

EcoFlex™ Echo is available on carpet tiles in a variety of colours from stock. The backing can be specified on other carpet tiles subject to a minimum order quantity.