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Miraggio oro 75x25
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25 x 75 cm / 10" x 30"

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A classic contemporary style
Constantly monitoring developments in home and interior design, Iris Ceramica has formulated its “Neobarocco” collection to fuse the sophisticated, elegant aesthetic hallmarks of classicism with the latest trends in furniture and interior design, exalting the dynamism of the collection’s forms and decorative elements. “Neobarocco” converses in a classic language that transcends the barriers of time, constituting an expressive value capable of establishing a meaningful dialogue with both traditional and contemporary spaces. The ceramic surface has broadened its role to become a featured protagonist in the definition of aesthetically exceptional venues. The highly contemporary 75 x 25 cm format imbues spaces and volumes with a distinctive rhythmicality.

All the elegance and sophistication of traditional tapestries has been captured in the damask-like decoration, featuring a rich arabesque of intertwining surface patterns and motifs. The ceramic material is actually revitalized upon contact with modern, minimal interior design solutions which only tend to reinforce and underscore the marriage of the decorative elements and spaces.

The personality of the ceramic surfaces is manifested by means of its two component materials. Purity and passion are mutually complementary within the context of interiors that blend lively suggestions and delicate fantasies. Any venue is enhanced by such a masterful blend of expressive elegance and bold aesthetic vision.

The classic traditional ceramic tile colours have been revamped by means of lustrous, sumptuous effects that serve to imbue the product with beguilingly iridescent highlights and pearl-like tones. A floral pattern is featured on a textured background that sets up a captivating play of light and shadow within the volumes of any living space.