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Office phone box Inwerk Phonix®
Phone Box Inwerk Phonix®
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+ double-walled frame construction of steel, filigree, stable, easy to assemble, non-flammable
+ glass door
+ soundproofing glass backboard 10mm
+ electrically height adjustable combinational furniture: Sit-stand-table stool
+ angle pad for sit-stand-table stool, magnetically attached - anytime changeable
+ electrification with USB, LAN, sockets – optionally integrated in stool
+ quiet ventilation system incl. Double-salon filters
+ acoustic material inside, magnetically attached - anytime changeable
+ LED light strip, 300K in warm White – glare-free
+ fitting furniture system Masterbox® and space system MasterPod®

Measures: W 1000 x D 1000 x H 2200 mm
Weight: 300 kg

Electrically linear drive with 3x telescope
All-aluminium panel in white and black pale and anodised natural aluminium


Phone Box Inwerk Phonix® This is the return of the phone box: Phonix® made by Inwerk is the ideal place to retreat for conversations without being disturbed and not disturbing other employees. Individual acoustic elements provide with their withinness the necessary noise protection. In terms of comfort Phonix® performs a lot. Within seconds the integrated electrically height adjustable seat is changing into a tray table allowing to take notes. The ventilation system Airbox provides good room climate; the indirect lighting generates glare-free light. The outsides of steel provide additional benefits as magnetic board for fixing notes and pictures.
Phonix® consists of five prefabricated robust steel elements and is ready for use after a short montage. By the way it is the only phone box being part of a comprehensive system. Stylistically perfect it fits in all configurations of the Inwerk office furniture system Masterbox® and it is also harmonizing with any other surroundings.