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Masterbox® Design Lowboard on base, 1.5 FH
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Lowboard on base, consisting of 2 carcasses with flap and back panel, in between 1 carcass with swing door and back panel, above 3 open loops:
W 3600 x D 400 x H 700mm;
in the front: mobile sideboard on wheels, top and bottom 1 corpus with swing door and back panel, in between open loop: W 400 x D 400 x H 1100mm

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Masterbox® multi-furniture system

Well-functioning office spaces need a structured room design that supports the efficiency of processes and workflows. Inwerk's Masterbox® multi-furniture system plays a key role in this respect, as it organises offices in a clear structure and at the same time provides the necessary storage space, allowing them to be tailored precisely to customer requirements. The modular steel construction system, which was honoured with the red dot award in 2017, is universal and can be used individually at the same time.
The cubic modules are available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes and fit perfectly into any environment as sideboards, cabinet walls, wall mounted cabinets, shelves, containers and room dividers. In combination with an upholstered element, the double function of the storage space furniture turns it into a seat close to the workplace. If required, each configuration can be extended and reduced as well. Masterbox® guarantees economic space utilisation on one hand and offers the option of planning offices with only one system in a consistent design on the other.
The Masterbox® modules feature 45 degree edges, equal at the front and rear, which emphasise the filigree geometry and allow flush-fitting doors, flaps and rear panels. No noticeable duplication of material occurs when the boxes are stacked. Optically homogeneous front and side elements are made of two parts and can be configured in one or two colours - in black and white powder-coated or completely in chrome steel.
The foamed steel construction is extremely stable. Therefore, boxes up to 1600mm wide can be designed without divider and rear panel, horizontal as well as vertical straight and staggered stackable.
Each Masterbox® configuration can be converted as often as required and tool-free. A magnetized film assembles the modules in a position-variable and fixed manner.