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Interior design is to become a sound experience par excellence: musikbox embodies audiophile living culture integrated into a single piece of furniture. The spectacular co-production of interlübke and LINN designed by Werner Aisslinger will be shown for the first time at MOST Tom Dixon, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, from April 17 to 22 in Milan, and also at the COR und interlübke exhibition, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Hall 7, B18/C22.

April 2012. There are sound aesthetes and living aesthetes. Both have their standards in high-end dimensions, albeit in separate camps to date. Voluminous equipment racks on the one side, elegant and integrative furniture on the other. A sideboard providing the exemplary integration of audio source and playback now unites them. In designing it, Werner Aisslinger was thinking less of a living room and more of a "music room" to cultivate our acoustic enjoyment. Some people will now recall the classic radiogram in which radio, record player and recorder were integrated for the first time, and later even a television. Or the gleaming chrome Wurlitzer which played a new music request with every record. Yet the new concept is "completely free of nostalgia" and orientated unequivocally to the future. Sound files which are now even available in studio master quality serve as audio media. You take an iPad, tablet PC or comparable tool and lean back as if you were in the middle of a sound studio… The Scottish manufacturer is a guarantor of unparalleled sound quality: "We make everything you listen to at home sound better". Making everything look better is what Studio Aisslinger and interlübke stand for. "Following the illuminated furniture eo and the modular furnishing concept bookless, musikbox opens up a new dimension for integrating media into furniture at the highest technical and aesthetic level – and it does so invisibly," says Managing Partner Leo Lübke.

The Making of...

"The development is a genuine home story," says Werner Aisslinger, "which came about on a whim with Christian Friedrich in our Berlin Loftcube with the idea of combining relaxed living with cool music enjoyment. We wanted to create something completely new from the elements furniture, high-end sound experience and interior design." Two years of experimentation preceded the production of the o series. The most difficult aspect was integrating the loudspeakers into the lowboard and finding the right dimensions for as graceful a furniture carcass as possible. "With a width of 2.00 m / 2.50 m and the corresponding positioning of the speakers we have a proportion which transforms rooms soundwise into sound studios," explains Thomas Saheicha of LINN Products.
In the middle of the sideboard there are three compartments for storage media, add-on components and accessories. "The project fascinated me from the beginning," admits Leo Lübke, "but it has taken many series of tests and a long development phase with which we are continuing up to the first presentation to the trade (13/14 May in the COR und interlübke Haus)."

The emancipation of piece of music furniture

With the possibility to record sound experiences on audio media and play them on playback devices, highbrow audio experiences already started making their way into middle-class parlours in the 19th century. With the invention of the radio and the television, speech and music transmissions became a cultural pleasure in people's own four walls as they let the world into their homes. Family and friends gathered – ideally seated comfortably on upholstered furniture – around the radiogram. Then the jukebox, most prominently represented by the Wurlitzer, moved into cafés and bars, surrounded by teenagers and adults alike. Each new hit request that landed on the turntable with a click was awaited with eager anticipation. "Things need a place," comments Werner Aisslinger, "also in the 21st century. But today we use them in a playful way. Music enjoyment is less staged than celebrated because we now have quite different possibilities in terms of technology and design." With the musikbox concept this idea has been realised as a high-end product. Very simple to use, without having to study complex manuals – as a first-class audio experience. For sound and living aesthetes!