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Shiver Me Timbers Sequoia
Shiver Me Timbers
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Dimensions: 25cm x 1m

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Taking cues from our current love affair with repurposed materials, Walk the Plank makes proper reference to the eccentric qualities of old timbers with its deeply grooved grain and a bold range of values within each colorway. An inspired tweak on the common carpet tile, Walk the Plank is long and narrow in a 25cm x 1m tile. Evoking all the warmth and familiarity of an age-worn wooden floor, this clever shift in format is an instant classic.

nstalled, the look of Shiver Me Timbers creates a very similar effect, but in a lower profile construction without as much dimensionality. The two share a newly expanded line of 24 colors, with each color way varying from tile to tile, in a range of light to dark.

With the skinny plank format comes some new ideas about making pattern on the floor. The herringbone installation, for example, brings a distinctive scale and movement to the floor. The ashlar method is suddenly made elegant through longer, leaner lines. And the possibilities grow exponentially when mingled with 50cm x 50cm and 50cm x 1m tiles.