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Product description

Length: 19.69" long.
Height: Pile Ht. - .15" h.
Width: 19.69" w.
Weight: 26 oz. per sq. yd.
Material: 100% Recycled Content Type 6 Nylon. GlasBac RE Tile Backing.
Colors: 8 colors available plus coordinating colors.
Features: Soil/Stain Protection. Antimicrobial Treatment. 100% Solution Dyed.
Type: Tufted Sheared Modular Carpet Tile.
Additional Features: NSF-140 Platinum. Post-Industrial, Post-Consumer, Recycled Content.
Flamability: Class 1. (ASTM E - 662) ___ 450. Passes Methenamine Pill Test.
Pile Density: 7927.
Certifications: Green Label Plus Certified #GLP0820.
Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm

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Raw, defined by its daring aesthetic and groundbreaking construction, evokes the compelling design that aging often yields. It reminds that aging and wear can yield an aesthetic treat the nuances of patina and character of distressing. There's also a plush quality to this design that translates into irresistible luxury. But the real beauty of Raw is that it's made from 100% non-virgin yarn.

A combination of our 100% non-virgin materials, salvaged commercial fishnets, post-industrial recycled raw material and more results in carpet fiber that's 100% recycled content. The minimum post-consumer recycled content is 25%, and when combined with GlasBac, our non-virgin PVC backing, it yields carpet tiles with a total recycled content of 79%.