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Naturally Weathered Rain Storm
Naturally Weathered
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Dimensions: 25cm x 1m

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Traditional clapboard and shingles made from cedar or white oak are intentionally left unfinished and exposed to the elements so they’ll transform over time into some lovely and familiar version of warm grey. Not worn out, but well worn. A look that carries with it a sense of history and even pedigree.

Naturally Weathered brings that time-worn palette inside with 8 highly variegated neutrals that explore every aspect of the color grey in our appropriately proportioned Skinny Planks™ format. So each installation of Naturally Weathered will cover the floor in an entirely unique composition of pattern and color.

Naturally Weathered is made with 100% recycled content nylon and is part of our i2® product family, designed to eliminate any concerns with blending different dye lots or selective replacement. And like all of our products around the world, it is carbon neutral … just a few of the steps we take on our path toward creating a climate fit for life.

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