Product description

Transparency and sound insulation
If you want to separate rooms optically and acoustically effective from each other and in the true sense of the word want to keep a clear overview- then intek PUR wall is your first choice: The clever glass wall system does not use vertical stands and therefore allows the elegant installation between slim floor and ceiling profiles. PUR wall: Gaps between the individual glass elements remain always closed thanks to colourless, self-adhesive special profiles or sealings. Hinges and sliding doors can be inserted in most different forms.
Frameless full glass elements in various types of glass and glass surfaces are available for the PUR wall system. Safe installation is guaranteed through clever minimalistic bracket profiles. Hinges single or double doors also with very large spans are as possible as glass sliding doors. A combination of closed (wood) and transparent elements (glass) can also be considered.

Technical data
Material: Glass
Glass thickness: 10 mm | 15 mm
Sound protection: 30-39 dB

Product family