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Toile De Jouy 02
Toile De Jouy 02
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A wind of freedom challenges conventions. The change is expressed with uninhibited ease, daring to combine baroque and eighteenthcentury re-enactments of rural scenes and figures of ladies usually against a light bacground and colourful print and placing them in modern contexts enriched with touches of irony. A contemporary spirit, in which the pale colouring of bucolic scenery is maintained and harmoniously included in a context of fabrics and broc de, with gilding and silk effects. Called “Intangible Douceur”, the collection is made up of soft and skilfully-used colours which give it a playful air. The palette ranges from a neutral colour to cream, peach, pink, orange, green and light blue. Suitably combined elements have made the final design appear sophisticated and vaguely aristocratic.

Versions available: 2 colours

VINYL PAPER: a backing made of two layers. The upper, printable vinyl layer, and a layer of TNT (non-woven fabric) below, which ensures high dimensional stability during the application and drying phases of the product, as well as extreme ease of installation and removal.

FIBERGLASS - EQ•DEKOR: a decorative and protective dualfunction wallpaper created in collaboration with Mapei. Bidirectional fibreglass fabric reinforcement with characteristics of greater stability, efficiency, light-weightedness and flexibility. EQ•Dekor offers high structural performance, minimizing the risk of parts of the walls becoming detached in the event of an earthquake.

TELA(r) : the new decorated taffeta fabric for wall scenic designs. A Made in Italy stretched fabric in polyester with the highest resistance thanks to its exclusive weave composition of 110 threads per inch.
It is ideal for temporary installations in retail spaces, boutiques, shop displays, showrooms, exhibitions, event stands and hospitality ambiences, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs.

Support: Vinyl (V), L 68 cm
Support: EQ.Dekor Fiber glass (F), L 94 cm
Support: Tela(r) Taffetà fabric (T), L 297 cm