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NCS S 3005-Y20R
NCS S 2005-Y10R

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Wallpaper has entered a new evolutionary phase with Metamorphosis, Inkiostro Bianco’s 2016 contract collection.
It is the décor itself that undergoes metamorphosis, taking on a new evolutionary path and discovering a new dimension. Contemporary graphic element weave discreetly over textured surfaces in a mild contrast of tones. The flowing lines intertwine in a progressive mutation that allows different levels of interpretation. The essential graphic strokes are the signs of a new expressive code to be deciphered. Shapes flow with apparent simplicity and emerge in the succession of elements, bringing a new aesthetic language to life. Patterns mingle in a variable maze that invites to a slow and careful observation. The perspective and the conditions of use also change: by distancing oneself, the mind is able to fully decipher the evolution of the plot. Moving closer, the eye catches something unexpected, elements in relief that come out from the surface and introduce for the first time the third dimension to wallpaper. The great potential of the metamorphosis and its growing visual impact stand out in any point of view - it’s a tool for defining an elaborate style that is as radical as discreet.

Decoration: 2 patterns + 2 connecting modules
Colours: 7 colour shades with tone on tone matching
Combinations: suggested colour matching for wall paint or furnishing accessories

VINYL PAPER: a product made of two layers. An upper printable vinyl layer and a TNT (non-woven fabric) under part which ensures high dimensional stability during the application and drying phases of the product, as well as an easy to install and remove capability.

GLASS FIBER - EQ•DEKOR: a decorative and protective dual- function wallpaper created in partnership with Mapei. A bidirectional glass fiber reinforcement with greater stability, efficiency, extreme lightness and flexibility attributes. EQ•Dekor offers high structural performances, minimizing the risk of wall parts detaching in the event of an earthquake.

Material: Vinyl (V)
Width 66 cm
Standard heights: 280 - 330 - 380 cm
Vinyl wallpaper.
3D modules: Width 66 cm, Height 66 cm