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YaYaHo Element 16
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Product description

The silicone shade with its two metal arms lays on the cable of the low-voltage lighting system YaYaHo and is fixed with safety clips. The lighting element can be adjusted horizontally. The multi-mirror-reflector can be swiveled and provides a good illumination and a pleasant, direct light.

YaYaHo is a low-voltage lighting system. All lighting elements are horizontally adjustable, Element 2 is also vertically movable. The technical sophistication and clean, unfussy lines of YaYaHo make for an endless range of both public and private use.

Silicone, métal, matière plastique. Mobile à l'horizontale sur les câbles métalliques. La tête du luminaire est pivotante/rotative.
Base GX 5,3, max. 50 W, compatible avec des ampoules des classes énergétiques A++ - E. A l'origine avec ampoule halogène, 6° 50 W, 675 lm, 12 V, 2000 h, CRI 100, EEC B (mise à jour Sep. 2015) ou LED. La lampe est disponible séparément. L'utilisation de la lampe LED est possible. Livrée sans ampoules.
Données techniques
Elément du système YaYaHo, pour 12 volts.

Product family


YaYaHo is a low-voltage lighting system fed by a transformer which reduces the 230/125-volt mains current to 12 volts. The transformer (max. capacity 200 watts) is fitted with an integrated Watch Tronic power monitoring system and a thermal fuse. Part A: Transformer white, for wall or ceiling installation. Part B: 2 special cables, 4 wall anchors with insulated tensioning bolts. Part D: 2 pairs of special cables, 4 wall anchors, 2 insulators, ceiling fixture; separate transformer required for each pair of cables.
Part E: Nickel-plated metal rods, length 25,5 cm, for ceiling or corner installation.
Part F: Heat-resistant shades for lighting elements 2, 3 and 6. Colours: natural, silver, blue or matt black.