Product description

EL171 Module of 180 cm with two washbasins. Shine white-off.
EL325 Lid of 180cm with two washbasin holes (extra-drilling). Shine Corian.
EL250 Ela resin washbasin.
S221 Ela siphon.
EL400 Mirror of 60 cm. Metallic shine white.


Ela collection presents a new program with original modules and the corners are round without losing the simplicity and purity, giving the possibility to use the collection at the most exigent projects. Its original aesthetic combines open and close spaces, enhancing its base with “L” form. This collection presents 2 washbasins: In resin with Corian top or optical tempered glass top. Integrated washbasin in Corian with a top on the same material. We could enhance its elegant plughole also in Corian that gives sobriety to the set.