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100 x 300 cm
100 x 150 cm
50 x 150 cm
25 x 150 cm
100 x 100 cm
50 x 100 cm


At Inalco we perceive luxury as being increasingly associated with values such as quality and excellence in design. Exclusiveness that is seen in each product, with its own history and personality. Prints Vestige was created with the aim of obtaining an authentic series suffused with the essence of craftsmanship, know-how and care, combined with new materials and processes. Designed with a focus on quality and durability, Vestige pays homage to recovered wood that has been carefully worked and weathered the passage of time. Prints Vestige has been creatively reinvented, with modern tones and formats to make it a durable skin that will accompany us throughout our life, to be passed down over the generations... This 1.0 collection includes natural finish in single colours Blanco Plus, Camel, Gris and Negro. Large-format slimline SLIMMKER porcelain tiles comes with formats from 100 x 300 cm to 50 x 100 cm. There´s also available a non-slip finishing.