Product description

100 x 100 cm
50 x 100 cm
60 x 60 cm
30 x 60 cm


Prints Nebula is a collection inspired by the “traces” left by concrete formwork as the concrete sets. These solid sturdy tiles can be used indoors and out to create modern looking, comfortable, welcoming settings with a certain industrial air. Its pure colours with a hint of warmth (Blanco Plus, Blanco, Piedra and Negro), all from Inalco’s usual colour spectrum, make it a versatile choice with a strong personality. The porcelain tiles come in a SLIMMKER version or standard thickness in a large 100x100 or 100x50 cm format. Available in a natural or non-slip finish, Prints Nebula transmits a sensation of strength, serving as a superb source of inspiration for professionals in the creation of settings of different kinds.