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25 x 49 cm

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With its smooth polished finish, Foster embodies the simplicity and elegance of cement. A contemporary, neutral-looking, versatile collection, Foster fits in with different settings and design concepts, offering unlimited potential. With an elegant, clear-cut design and smooth feel, Foster creates strong contrasts between classic and modern, bringing an innovative, original touch to settings.

Foster is a large-format porcelain tile collection, available in a slimline Slimmker version or standard thickness. It is the most comprehensive collection in terms of colours and formats, with 8 neutral shades available in the new extra-large 150x300, 150x150, 100x250, 100x150, 100x100 and 50x100 cm Slimmker formats. It also features a natural, bush-hammered and two non-slip finishings, ensuring continuity from indoor tiled surfaces to outdoor ones.

Large-format porcelain tiles in a slimline Slimmker version or standard thickness. A natural or bush-hammered finish in Ice Blanco, Blanco Plus, Crema, Piedra, Camel, Gris, Plomo, Marengo or Negro colours, with a cement-effect pattern. Available in non-slip finishing.