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Office System | Side table with add-ons
Office System
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Product description

The electronic add-ons for new modern business world.

In the office area in particular, the ability to charge your smartphone or laptop is indispensable. The requirements range from individual USB ports to generous connector strips. None of that is a real
problem for IKONO and it also looks damn good.

The add-ons can be attached to all side
tables, leaning and armrest modules.
The exact placement on the module is configured according to the customer‘s
preferences and the requirements on site.

Add-ons selection:

Smart Strip: 2x sockets*, 1x USB slot - Dimensions 225 x 105 mm, 230 V

Tower: 1x socket*, 2x USB slot - Dimensions Ø 127 mm, 230 V

Power Circle: 1x inductive charging station - Dimensions Ø 79 mm

USB / HDMI / LAN Circle: 2x slots selectable: USB / USB-C / HDMI / LAN - Dimensions Ø 59 mm

Plug Circle: 1x socket* - Dimensions Ø 59 mm, 230 V

Smart Lamp: Flexible arm 450 mm, 220 Lumen

LED Bar: Dimensions corresponding to the module size

* We also offer all international standards.

Product family


Our newcomer in the business world.
The modular Office System is fully committed to the New Work concept, as stiff office spaces and conservative partitions have long become things of the past. Modern employers do well with agile working spaces. In the era of digitalisation, values like freedom and participation play central roles in a company. What could be a better fit than a modular system that meets all these requirements yet can be customised to meet your corporate design?

All fabrics in the Office System are impermeable to water. The lotus blossom effect lets liquids simply roll off. The residual moisture can be wiped off with a dry towel. This means that the fabrics we use are easy to clean for food and drinks of any kind. Coarse dirt is best brushed off.

All modules are connected with a bracket so that slipping is prevented while re-plugging allows for new shapes to be made at any time. No further tools are required.

Soft cushions:

Decorative cushions and lumbar support cushions in one.

Total measurement lumbar support cushion L 30 x W 65 cm
Total measurement decorative cushion L 40 x W 40 cm

Tailor-made protective covers:

Each module comes with a custom-made transportation cover. This ensures that we completely spare the environment from large-scale disposable plastic packaging.