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Lounge Outdoor System | 2-in-1 Lounge with parasol
Lounge Outdoor System
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Product description

Comfort divided by two.

A corner solution can be changed into a separated version with two Long Chairs. And the other way around.

In line with the 2-in-1 lounge, thanks to the modular design, the parasol module can be expanded as an extended combination for the lounge configuration.

Both lounging surfaces are separated by a backrest module in the Long Chair version. This means this Lounge can be enjoyed on its own or for two. The tray table provides space for drinks and snacks. Converted into the classic corner solution, the 2-in-1 Lounge offers comfortable seating places for several guests.

Detailed modules

2x Seating module 70 x 140 cm
1x Backrest module 40 x 140 cm
1x Armrest module 40 x 180 cm

Total measurement

180 x 180 cm Long Chair version

250 x 180 cm L-shape version

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The Lounge System is the centrepiece of what IKONO does and paved the way for a new modular way of thinking. Today the Lounge modules are particularly impressive since they are both freestanding and can transform whole areas into relaxation spots.

All fabrics in the Outdoor Lounge System are UV ray-resistant and impermeable to water. The lotus blossom effect lets liquids simply roll off. The residual moisture can be wiped off with a dry towel. This means that the fabrics we use are not only weatherproof, but also easy to clean for food and drinks of any kind. Coarse dirt is best brushed off.

All modules are connected with a bracket so that slipping is prevented while re-plugging allows for new shapes to be made at any time. No further tools are required.

With the tailor-made tray table at arm level, and the conformable seat height of 44 cm, this is truly a cut above the rest, particularly with the unique triangle backrest, as found on the Daybeds and Relax Loungers.

Predestined locations for the IKONO Lounge collection are terraces, pool and spa areas, as well as hotel lobbies, plus all other places where a friendly welcome reigns supreme.


With backrest modules containing umbrella holders, any Lounge set can be supplemented with high-quality parasols. They are available in a variety of UV-resistant fabrics, as well as in two different shapes:
round and rectangular.

Total measurement rectangular 250 x 250 cm
Diameter round 250 cm

Tray table:

With laminate pressed under high-pressure, the tray tables are completely robust and weather-resistant. They can withstand direct sunlight, dirt and rain, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Due to being tailor-made, the tray tables can be stacked on seat stools as well as on backrest modules.

Total measurement W 40 x D 35 x H 15 cm

Soft cushions:

Decorative cushions and lumbar support cushions in one.

Total measurement lumbar support cushion L 30 x W 65 cm
Total measurement decorative cushion L 40 x W 40 cm

Soft cushions with bolster:

The back cushion with removable bolster complements the Lounge set both in look and comfort.

Total measurement L 60 x W 60 cm

Triangle backrest:

The triangle backrest is another addition promising maximum flexibility. Thanks to the anti-slip finish and inner compartment system, it offers ultimate grip.

Total measurement W 60 x H 30 cm I W 70 cm x H 30 cm

Tailor-made protective covers:

Each module comes with a custom-made transportation cover that can also be used as a protective cover for use in the colder months. This ensures that we completely spare the environment from large-scale disposable plastic packaging.