Product family


BK-ROLL is a complete range of mobile containers for the stock and display of cultural items (CDs, DVDs, Comic strips, annuals) with specific dimensions for children, adolescents and adults. BK-ROLL’s construction principle combines BK1’s idea of a folded metal sheet for its simplicity to use, and BK2’s light and airy glass panels. Lateral guides, a frontal abutment as well as a ribbed rubber lining at the back of the container assure that the items stand up well. An additional
container for stocking items can easily be fixed between the glass panels or can slide underneath in the form of a rolling drawer. In line with our constant efforts to improve organization and space management, the pieces which make up the BK-ROLL range are all mounted on wheels. As far as security and ergonomics are concerned, particular care is taken during the manufacturing process so that there are no sharp corners and high quality nuts and bolts are used to guarantee long-life.

Shell fpr CD´s / DVD´s: L 123 T 60 H 100 cm
Shell for youths: 123 T 60 H 75 cm
Shell for adults: L 123 T 60 H 85 cm